I was born in Ancona, a small town in the centre of Italy, in a date filled with magic and mystery, two elements that always leaded my life. 3.3.69

At that time my parents were both working as government servants, a fixed job that allowed them to start from zero and grow up a family with a son and a daughter.

I am what you can define as a pure product of that part of Italy that was once governed by the Popes, roman on the father side, “marchigiani” from Osimo on the mother side.

I believe my passion for writing started quite a long time back when, still a child, I used to spend maybe even too much time on my grandfather Olivetti Lettera 22, kept on his desk in his tiny studio in the Posatora apartment. How many summer holiday mornings spent pressing the letters on the keyboard of that old typewriter in my grandparent’s house while my parents were off to work. I learnt how to write when I was still a child. My mother got a teaching diploma and taught me to read and write when I was still 5.

Growing up I started to keep small exercise books on which I used to write down my thoughts, poetry and small texts. Then when I was 12 the encounter with the magic and the powerful world of illusionism. Thanks to a great teacher and a great man that unfortunately passed away, I learnt the secrets of the magic art, the prestidigitation. I started to perform in the city theatres, then a collaboration with a local television, while slowly slowly the borders of my little universe were expanding. When I was 16 I met an agent that decided to invest on me and from there I become “Paul Miche – le charme du mysteré…” Those were years full of satisfactions performing on stages and shows all around Italy even beside famous artists, actors and show men.

Then in 1992 my life suddenly changed direction, and I stand there watching it, being transported by the events and the “currents”. A job in Rwanda, a country in the centre of Africa mostly unknown at that time, a family, and many dreams locked away in a drawer. In 1993 I wrote a musical that was performed at the French Cultural Centre in Kigali, music, dance and magic. Then the current of the overflowing river washed us away with the genocide of 1994 and from that moment on it wasn’t easy to get back the rudder in the right direction.

Burundi, Congo, Indonesia, Pakistan, Marocco, Tanzania. The wind of professional achievement was blowing hard on my sails, but the side effects of loneliness and a daughter that was growing up alone, still feels heavy on my heart. Then, slowly, as per magic, in the year 2000 the soul of the world started to hear my prayers, and to pull together all the forces of the universe for the realization of those dreams for which I had started again to fight.

Today my daughter has two brothers, I have a wife that supports and encourages me, an NGO that supports children living in a leprosy camp without hope and future, and a novel, my first one, the last one... who knows…

Meanwhile, the journey of life keeps on show me intersections, paths to choose... and one of them brought me back to Italy after many, maybe too many years spent in Africa and Asia. Since 2014 life changes again and a new project starts, beautiful, important that starts with a collaboration with a catholic TV Maria † Vision Italia and that we will keep on discovering together...

Paolo Pagnotta

Author: Paolo Pagnotta

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